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PrevaLeaf Soothe: "Love this fragrance free probiotic moisturizing cream. It works well without leaving a greasy sleazy type feeling. A little goes a long way towards relieving uncomfortable menopausal dryness. I highly recommend it to any woman of any age who is experiencing the discomfort of dryness. Glad I found ya!"
PrevaLeaf Oasis: "I like it a lot. A little does go a long way. I really like that it is all natural. I will definitely purchase it again."
PrevaLeaf Silk: “"It feels so clean and natural - and lasts just as long as I need it!"
PrevaLeaf Oasis: "Amazing!!! Love it .it's so comfortable I feel like I have my life back amazing filling takes away dryness No mess Last all day love it this product is amazing in a water base." 
PrevaLeaf Cleanse: "Its the only thing that makes me feel truly clean, without feeling itchy or dry"  
PrevaLeaf Soothe: “…the cream was cooling and soothing. I felt like it took the pain away faster and better than Benadryl cream."
PrevaLeaf Silk: "I love that it is truly all natural and healthy"
PrevaLeaf Soothe: “Excellent product! I like the fact that the product does not contain parabens or petroleum byproducts”
PrevaLeaf Soothe: “I liked how it absorbed well in to the area, unlike Vaseline where it is sticky."
PrevaLeaf Soothe: “I liked it better than Monistat because it didn't sting before the relief came.  It was cooling and soothing.”
PrevaLeaf Oasis: "I loved the texture and feel of the product”
PrevaLeaf Oasis: "The weight of the product makes it easy to apply a thin film without feeling you even applied it, other than you're no longer dry and uncomfortable."
PrevaLeaf Oasis: “I like the fact that there's no fragrance which assures me that the ingredients are as natural as possible”
PrevaLeaf Oasis: "It as pleasant and easy to use and very clean..."
PrevaLeaf Oasis: The best thing is it doesn’t sting or irritate like other brands.
PrevaLeaf Oasis: "I really like the consistency -it's neither too thin or thick and is not sticky at all like many products. It's comfortable and I'm unaware that I even applied any moisturizer other than the fact there's no burning or itching.