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Why Is pH Balance Important?

First let’s start with what is pH?  pH is a measure of how acidic something is. pH ranges from 0-14. Water is a 7 and a lower number means the substance is acidic. A normal vaginal pH is slightly acidic - between 3.5 and 4.5. At this pH, the vagina contains healthy flora (including healthy bacteria called lactobacillus and some yeast).

When the vaginal pH becomes higher (it is “unbalanced”), unhealthy bacteria and yeast has the chance to grow which can cause unpleasant odors and irritation. There are many causes which can cause a higher pH, including menstruation, semen (after unprotected intercourse), soaps meant for the rest of the body, douching or hormone changes.

PrevaLeaf products are formulated to help you maintain a healthy pH because they are all pH balanced specifically for the vaginal area.