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Our Story

The PrevaLeaf Story

For Women, By Women 




The PrevaLeaf team came together for the simple purpose of providing women with gentle and natural products to maintain their intimate wellness.

We created PrevaLeaf because we couldn’t find products which we liked that matched our natural and gentle criteria - at least not ones we’d want to use ourselves or recommend to our friends and families.

Our motivation from the beginning was for PrevaLeaf to help women maintain wellness and balance; to help prevent issues from occurring or becoming worse.

We are women with training in women’s health and wellness.

We understand.

We would all prefer to prevent issues. No one wants to experience dryness, challenges with freshness, itch, irritation, imbalances of bacteria, yeast or pH. These can all affect women’s daily life as well as their intimate relationships.

PrevaLeaf™ has developed products emphasizing natural ingredients which are free of hormones and potentially harmful ingredients.  PrevaLeaf products contain healthy ingredients that promote vaginal health and wellness such as topical probiotic technology, vitamin E, aloe, tea tree oil and coconut oil. To provide the best possible natural formulations, PrevaLeaf™ has partnered with leading, internationally recognized formulators and manufacturers with specific expertise in vaginal/feminine products.

Along our PrevaLeaf journey, we quickly found others who share our vision and passion, including physicians and other care providers who have helped refine our products.

We tweaked and tested…then re-tweaked and re-tested for over a year before determining it was the right time to offer PrevaLeaf products to the women’s market.

PrevaLeaf is a proud member of the Natural Products Association whose guidelines we use to ensure all our ingredients and manufacturing processes are as natural and environmentally sustainable as possible. Our partners are experts in areas such as natural preservatives, which allows us to avoid potentially harmful preservatives, such as parabens.

We are excited to be involved in our community by providing education on women’s health issues and PrevaLeaf products to organizations such as the American Diabetes Association and Wheel to Survive for ovarian cancer.

Everyday, we at PrevaLeaf are focused on helping women take control and maintain their health and wellness.

We welcome you to sample PrevaLeaf™ products. (Click here to request samples)

Yours in health,

Rebecca Posten, MD MBA

PrevaLeaf CEO