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What Are Some Of The Healthy Ingredients Used By PrevaLeaf?

Healthy Ingredients Used By PrevaLeaf:

  • Grape seed extract and Vitamin E: Grape seed extract is an excellent natural source of vitamin E, a nutrient that concentrates on the membrane of skin cells to gently hold onto moisture. PrevaLeaf moisturizing product contain Grapeseed Extract and Vitamin E.
  • Aloe: Just like its effect on other areas of skin, Aloe is often used for it soothing properties in the vaginal area. Also is also commonly applied topically by women with yeast infections due to research showing it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal (i.e., anti-candida) effects.
  • Coconut oil: Coconut oil works as a highly effective vaginal moisturizer. When included PrevaLeaf Cleanse for example, it helps to maintain moisture after cleansing.
  • Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil, an essential oil from the native Austrialian plant Melaleuca alternifolia, is applied topically and commonly used by women with bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections: research indicates activity against “bad” bacteria and yeast while sparing the healthy lactobacillus. PrevaLeaf Cleanse cleansing therapy with tea tree oil helps support a natural healthy vaginal balance to limit odor and irritation causing bacteria and yeast.