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Why Use A Daily Intimate Moisturizer?

Not staying ahead of the dryness can cause, and exacerbate, vaginal discomfort. Not maintaining a base level of moisture can disrupt daily life and can even lead to more discomfort when having sex.

To maintain moisture, women can choose a daily use product or a product used every few days. Products that claim to moisturize for several days often use polycarbophil. This ingredient attaches to the vaginal skin cells. When the cells naturally shed every few days, it often leads to a thick white clumpy discharge.

When you experience vaginal dryness PrevaLeaf Oasis daily moisturizer is a natural solution for all women. It is a water-based concentrated formula that is gentle and easy to use. For best results use immediately after bathing. Most women have found that a little goes a long way to find immediate dryness relief.