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Top 10 Questions Patients Ask ObGyn’s

Posted on January 02 2017

My good friend - and a good friend of PrevaLeaf - Dr. Jeff Livingston, shared with me the Top 10 Questions he gets asked. Dr. Livingston is an ObGyn with one of the largest and most respected practices in North Texas. At his practice he sees a range of women across all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities.

 Top 10 Questions Patients Ask Their ObGyn’s

  1. Why are my periods irregular?
  2. My periods seem heavy. Is there something wrong?
  3. I think I was exposed to an STD. What do I do?
  4. Am I pregnant? (Dr. Livingston has some great information here.
  5. What is PCOS? Could I have it?
  6. I think my hormones aren’t right. How can I find out?
  7. What kind of birth control should I use?
  8. What is this vaginal discharge?
  9. I sometimes have vaginal itching. Am I doing something wrong? How can I make it stop?
  10. How do I get rid of this odor down there?

 The point is, women ask many question. You’re not alone.

What is this list missing? What would you want to learn more about? Let us know!

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