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Do we know enough about our gynecologic health and wellness?

Posted on September 15 2016

Recently, I have had a number of conversations that made me think that many women still don’t know enough about their own bodies to truly control their health and wellbeing.

Our society is open about discussing health topics – and information (of varying quality) is certainly readily available – but are all women looking for it? Finding what they need? Understanding the context of the information?

Example 1: A recent college graduate (from a highly competitive school filled with educated, intelligent and empowered women) told me that few of her classmates got the new HPV vaccine. (It was newly released when she was in college). This wasn’t because of educated decisions. Rather, she said it was because their doctors weren’t bringing it up (as she thought they would other vaccines), and the young women were hesitant to proactively ask about a product that could be associated with their sexual habits.

Example 2: An incredibly strong and educated professional woman in her 50’s said she had been surprised at her experiences going through menopause – and she hadn’t realized for years that there were steps she could take to proactively help her symptoms and improve her wellbeing. She was busy with her work and living her fabulous life, and it never occurred to her to bring up her concerns to her doctor.

Example 3: A young mom who was very proactive asking lots of questions about her new baby was surprised that she could have vaginal dryness as a normal consequence of breast feeding. She wasn’t happy to be uncomfortable with her husband, but she never asked her doctor about it – and her doctor never asked her. She didn’t know that she could just use a vaginal moisturizer and then lubricant before sex – and would feel much better.

What can and should we be doing to better empower women with information about their wellbeing?

We at PrevaLeaf ask this question all the time. We exist because of our corporate mission to give women comfort, confidence and control over their intimate health and wellbeing. Every day we work to figure out how we can most be helpful to all women.

What do you think?

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