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Empowering Young Women with Knowledge: Thoughts from our Summer Intern

Posted on June 01 2016

I am a rising senior in high school and this summer I worked as an intern at PrevaLeaf. I was interested in this women’s health and wellness company for two main reasons: I wanted to do something meaningful for my community, and I wanted to gain experience in the field of marketing.

PrevaLeaf was created with the purpose of providing women natural intimate care products to provide comfort and promote wellness.

During my internship, I did market research and developed a strategy to figure out how to best communicate with younger women about health issues via social media/blogs.

Throughout this past month at PrevaLeaf, I gained a greater understanding about the importance of helping younger women take control and maintain their health confidently. Often, young girls can be persuaded by alluring packaging; however, it is important to be able to look beyond that in order to make the best decision for your health and body. Becoming aware of the ingredients and their effect on our body can empower women to make the right choices.

Above all, I have learned the significance of being inquisitive, confident, and fearless when it comes to women’s health and wellness.

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