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Exercise And That "Not-So-Fresh" Feeling

Posted on January 07 2017

When you’re in our line of business, women open up to you – even on topics that wouldn’t usually be fodder for common conversation.

For example, there is the subject of the “smell down there” that doesn’t quite go away when exercise training becomes intense. I’ve particularly heard about this no-so-fresh feeling from people training for marathons. 

There is a point in the training season where “time on your feet” plus speed-work becomes intense before the taper to the marathon. It’s at this time when this happens.

The facts:

  • Feeling “not-fresh down there” in a way that doesn’t go away after bathing is neither strange nor uncommon after intense exercise. Vaginal pH is affected by exercise as well as many other factors – including unprotected intercourse, hormone changes such as with menstruation or menopause, tampons, or hygiene product such as body soap.
  • When the pH rises from any of these causes, odor causing bacteria can become more prevalent.

The bottom line is: Keep Exercising! But, do what you can to keep the vaginal pH down in a healthy range. For example, PrevaLeaf Cleanse was particularly made with active women in mind. With a pH of around 4.1, it provides a great way to clean up and stay in balance.

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